Ancoombra Bungalow

Ancoombra Bungalow is a place which not only carries the beauty that it holds and the beauty of the nature that it is surrounded with but also has a historical value due to the connection that it has with the ‘Tea Estate’.

45 minutes away from the Kandy Town it is a paradise like location which is also commonly known as ‘Ancoombra Bungalow’.  Ancoombra Bungalow is surrounded by a rural setting of the families of employees of the Tea Estate, and by the staff at the Tea Factory, hence it is a surrounding that is rich in culture and are with full of new things that you could experience.

Ancoombra Bungalow has many in-house facilities which the guests are welcome to enjoy. Equipped with luxurious bed rooms where ten people can be accommodated easily, Meezan Bungalows – Ancoombra is also offers with a standard driver’s room if required. It also consists with a Large Garden Chess Board, Children’s playground where you can set your child/children play as they like and enjoy. Play room consisting Chess, Carom, Billiards are more than what a traveler would ask for in a setting which provides all.

Ancoombra Bungalow becomes a perfect holiday destination for many reasons. One of them is that it acts as a hub to almost all of the tourist destinations. It is located in a place where these locations can be accessed easily.