Ancoombra Bungalow

Activities at and around Ancoombra Bunglow

Ancoombra Bungalow provides its’ guests with activities filled with Fun & Adventure

Try the Hike to Kudu Gala which only takes a 15 minutes drive and a 15 minutes’ walk for a breath taking view.

For cycling enthusiasts Ancoombra will be a journey that they will enjoy.

Walking Paths with a conversation that you would value, soothing surrounding to accompany will be definitely a treasured moment.

Visit one of the largest Tea factories in the Central Province to learn the process of Tea making. This is a fully automated Tea factory visits can be pre arranged.

With prior notification a night Safari can be arranged if you are a wild life lover.

A spout bathing set up at Keppetigala

Two hour Tea field visits can be pre arranged

Victoria Golf Club is certainly tops the things to do list and a visit would be memorable.

Please note certain activities may include separate charges and conditions