Hatale Worlds End Bungalow

About Hatale Worlds End Bungalow

Hatale Worlds End Bungalow adds nothing but more beauty to the Bungalows offered by Meezan. Hatale region is comparatively colder to the regions where our other Bungalows are located. As mentioned in the brochure Hatale Bungalow is the queen amongst the other beautiful locations, and the Worlds End Bungalow is located not far from this but towards peak of the mountainous area both these Bungalows create lodging for travellers.

It gets colder…

Area the Bungalow is located is commonly known as ‘Dumbara Valley’ and it stands majestically with its beauty surrounded by tea estates. It gets fairly colder as the day approaches the night, as the elevation of the area is 3000ft.

Getting there…

Hatale region is 25 KM away from Kandy and Hatale Upper Bungalow boasts its own beauty and surrounding atmosphere 3 KM from Hatale Bungalow on an estate road. Hatale Upper Bungalow is also known as ‘Mini World’s End Bungalow’ because of the “Mini World’s End” that is based only 1KM hike away and enjoyed by all travellers alike.

Stay & Lodge comfortably…

Lodging at Hatale Upper Bungalow is both wonderful and comfortable with the spacious four rooms giving you the luxury and soothing experience you always want to experience at a holiday. Three of the said four rooms equip attached bathrooms whilst personnel from our end could be arranged upon prior request, and he could arrange the meals to satisfy your taste buds.

Wonder around free and create your own getaway…

Tea estate tours and the calm and serene surrounding to pamper your mind are not the only attractions that Hatale Upper Bungalow has to offer you. Apart from the mesmerizing view of “Mini World’s End”, Hatale Waterfall that is located 1.8KM from the Bungalow is also one of the most enjoyed experiences to travellers. Views of Victoria Dam and Knuckles Mountain Range tempt you to extend your stay.

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