Nagala Bungalow

About Nagala Bungalow

A Secluded Oasis, Nagala by Meezan Bungalows

Meezan Bungalows create its’ surrounding that would suit travellers from all walks of life, ones interests and liking vary from one another. Nagala situated part from the other three bungalows creates a heavenly, calm, and refreshing atmosphere at its’ premises. At Meezan bungalows one of the key features that any traveller would recognise is that all four locations tend to persuade you to connect with nature and the activities and facilities offered by the bungalows are in line with this concept.

Getting there…

Nagala Bungalow is situated at Nagala which is 16 KM off the small town Rattota. It is just an 11 KM drive from Matale to Rattota. One’s travel may depend on the method of transportation whether it is the public transportation, hiring a vehicle or through own vehicle all the way from Colombo. Kandy to Matale is 27 KM and the entire travel from Kandy to Nagala Bungalow will only take two hours.

In-house features and facilities…

Nagala bungalow equips five comfortable rooms apart from the driver’s room which too is very comfortable to lodge. One of these five rooms is a family type of a large room which could be considered as a suit compared to the other four rooms. Three of the others including the family suit equip in-room sanitary facilities except one. Kitchen is available to cook or with prior information meals could be arranged from our end with a personnel based with you during your stay at Nagala Bungalow.

We all know that a game of cards, carom, or reading a book may keep you occupied apart from your other interests such as taking a hike, trek or camping thus we have arranged these facilities for you to use if interested during your stay.

Try enjoying outside…it is so much better than inside…

Nagala Bungalow has a garden where you have ample space to get lost and wander around with the beautiful landscaping and the garden that attracts everyone’s attention. Situated in a valley where elevation varies from 2900ft to approximately to around 4000ft sea level the surrounding area you will witness cardamoms planted in the rain forests. There are some of the places you could enjoy getting lost with a session of camping and the smaller waterfalls would be tempting and you will surely enjoy bathing in them.

Meezan Bungalows are tea estate bungalows and these tea estates go way back to the beginning of Sri Lankan Tea Plantation. Teas that are grown in Nagala area are also the oldest tea variety that is available in Sri Lanka that is commonly known as “The China Bush”. Travellers also could enjoy cinnamon and pepper plantations that are increasing in the surrounding area of Nagala Bungalow.

Bowatenna Project could be seen far away from one side of the Bungalow’s garden. Nagala Bungalow indeed a secluded oasis… where one would get the perfect stay that they would always wish for.

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