Nagala Bungalow

Facilities at Nagala Bungalow

Nagala  Bungalow
Single Beds 08
Double Beds 02
Maximum Occupants allowed 20
In house entertainment television
Outdoor activities bird watching, hiking, Small ground for sports, badminton
Indoor games carom, cards, chess and checkers.
In house cooking BBQ facilities available


Nagala Bungalow has a garden where you have ample space to get lost and wander around with the beautiful landscaping and the garden that attracts everyone’s attention.

Nagala Bungalow is situated in a valley where elevation varies from 2900ft to approximately to around 4000ft sea level the surrounding area you will witness cardamoms planted in the rain forests.

There are some of the places you could enjoy getting lost with a session of camping and the smaller waterfalls would be tempting and you will surely enjoy bathing in them.

Bowatenna Project could be seen far away from one side of the Bungalow’s garden.


Please note that : consuming Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Bungalow and its Environs.

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